Thursday, 27 October 2016

Technology Adoption by Women in Agriculture Survey

Women take the lead with technology on cattle properties

Women continue to take the lead in using technology on cattle properties, according to early indications from a new survey being conducted by a James Cook University researcher.

Rachel Hay is updating earlier research that clearly showed men followed women when it came to using mobile, computer and other technology in the cattle industry.

"My research in 2013 told us that women were using technology three times more than men in cattle-based rural properties," Ms Hay said.

"I spoke to the men and women at a field day and men said no, they didn't really use the technology, which was quite remarkable since men in the city are quite happy to use technology.

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Rachel Hay - Photo Source: ABC Rural

Technology includes personal computers, tablets, smart phones, accounting programs, cattle management programs, the internet, NILS, remote camera’s, remote weather stations, bore cameras, satellite technology, walk over weighing, IVF technology, feedlot technology, drones and other livestock farming systems.

Who should complete the survey?

Women and Men over the age of 18, who live and/or work on remote properties who primarily produce cattle.

The survey can be completed here 

This survey should take 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

Survey closes 30th October 2016

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